Prof. Kazuo IWASAKI

Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University, Japan

Academic Background:
Bachelor of Law, Hitotsubashi University, 1959
Area of Specialization:
- International Business Law
- Commercial Dispute Resolution
- Conflict of Laws
- Cyberspace Law
- Maritime Law
Research Subjects of Recent Interest:
- International Commercial Dispute Resolution
- International Contract Law
- Electronic Commerce Law
- Application of Computer in the Field of Law
Professional Organizations:
- Court Member, London Court of International Arbitration (until 1997)
- Panel Member, The American Arbitration Association
- Member, Australian Institute of Arbitrators
- Panel Member, Singapore Internaional Arbitration Centre
- Panel Member, The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association
- Panel Member, The Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc.
- Board Member, The Japan Arbitrators Association
- Int'l Associate, The American Bar Association
Recent Publications:
2007 Dispute Resolution in Asia ,3rd Ed.C(Michael Pryles (ed.)), Kluwer Law International, pp201-235
2006 Key Features of New Japanese Arbitration Law, Asian International Arbitration Journal, Vol. 2, No.1, p.76 (2006)
2003 Drafting of International Commercial Contracts, Chinese Edition, Foreign Laguages Press, Beijing, China
2002 Dispute Resolution in AsiaC2nd Ed.(Michael Pryles (ed.)), Kluwer Law International, pp.191-222
1999 Arbitration Procedures in Asia : Part of Japan, Sweet & Maxwell Asia
1998 Drafting of International Commercial Contracts, Revised Edition, Dohbunkan Pub., Japan
1997 Dispute Resolution in AsiaC(Michael Pryles (ed.)), Kluwer Law International, pp.117-148
1993 Collection of Japanese and Foreign Judgments on Arbitration (Iwasaki, Kazuo ed.), Japan Shipping Exchange Inc., Japan
1992 Japanese-English Dictionary of Legal Terms relating to International Transactions, Dohbunkan Pub.
1992 International Business Law, Dohbunkan Pub.,Japan
1992 Development of Commercial Arbitration System in Latin America , in International Development of Latin American Economic Law (Nakagawa, Kazuhiko ed.), Institute of Asian Economy, Japan
1990 The Immunity of Arbitrators, (Julian Lew (ed.)), Lloyd's of London Press

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